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kinds of wood required for chess pieces

summarise what kind of wood is required for dark side and light side



Blood Red Rosewood found in an open forest in South India. This wood has a nice looking fine-grained appearance and, once crafted maintains shape very well. Contoured shape chess pieces made in blood red rosewood gives you the rich look and appeals very classy.



Ebony also known as “fruit of the Gods” wood and is a jet black wood which has no variation in color. Sometimes Dark brown shades or a little grain is visible onto the chess pieces or board. This wood is quite dense thus no need of filters & with artisan minor effort it finishes to a beautiful gleam. Ebony wood chess pieces are pleasure to touch & feel.



Sheesham wood is the second most popular wood in the world after teak wood. From mild to rich color grain is visible onto chess pieces or board. Structure of the sheesham wood is irregular which is very stunning in appearance. With the use of buff polish the surface of the board & pieces can be polished to a fine finish. The main ability of this wood is its timber which is way too stronger than any another wood thus maintaining its shape during handling and construction.



Box wood color tends to be an off white yellow and is appropriate for turning and curves. Sometimes tears or cracks can occur during the manufacturing process. The main ability of this wood is to hold the details in carving and that’s the reason why chess pieces crafted in box wood are beautifully carved. Box wood chess pieces are very high in luster. Boxwood chess pieces are excellent choice for white chess pieces.

about staunton chess set


Staunton is a particular pattern of Chess Pieces in the game of Chess. Staunton pattern pieces are mostly used in Chess tournaments and competitions. It is named after famous chess master Howard Staunton. Howard Staunton was an English chess master and was one of the strongest chess player in the years between 1843 & 1851. It was due to his efforts that England becomes the one of the major chess centre on the 1950 era. He contributed a lot to chess. He was

not only a chess player, but also a chess promoter, writer and organizer as well.


In 1859 Nathaniel Cook de ed the Staunton pattern chess and Jaques of London approved their manufacturing rights. After that it becomes the standard design of chess. They have been used all over the world since. All Staunton Pieces mainly has wide molded base. Knight basically has head and neck like a horse. King has a stylish crown with cross pattee, Queen is slightly smaller than king with a small round ball mount on her head, Rooks feature stylized crenellated battlements and bishops a Western-style mitre. Pawns are the smallest pieces in the game with round head.

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dubrovnik chess pieces

1950 Dubrovnik chess set was first seen in the 9th Chess Olympiad organized by the FIDE and the government of Yugoslavia. The Olympiad was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia between August 20 and September 11, 1950. This Olympiad had 84 chess players representing 16 nations who played a total of 480 games.

This chess set was designed without any religious symbols, without the king crown or bishop mitres.The pieces were designed for play and had wide bases and the pieces required a chess board with minimum 55 mm squares. They were green felted but were non weighted. Approximately 50 chess sets were made, so the original sets are extremely rare and expensive to buy for chess collectors. Chessbazaar presents the reproduction 1950 Dubrovnik chess set where we have made this wonderful chess set available to chess lovers at most affordable prices. We have kept the design of the set as close to the original as possible but we have weighted it to make up for the shortcoming in the original design. This magnificent chess set should be in every serious collector's collection.

Handcrafted in India, these chess pieces exude class and luxury. When it comes to pleasure of holding a nicely weighted and crafted chess set, no other chess set comes even close to the Hurricane Series.

Handcrafted in India, these chess pieces exude class and luxury. When it comes to pleasure of holding a nicely weighted and crafted chess set, no other chess set comes even close to the Hurricane Series.

Each piece is meticulously Buff polished by hand to give it a rich and long lasting shine. The design, quality and craftsmanship of these chess pieces is unmatched to any other chess set in its class.



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This is a beautiful set in a really good size. Pictures on this website are good but the real set actually looks better. The knights deserve a special mention. Awesome design and carving work. I am thinking about ordering the 60mm matching board and think it will be a really classy set in my living room. Very happy with the purchase and customer service too. Thank you!.

Ilker G

This set is absolutely beautiful and stunning. It has a distinct south american motif, and it reminds me particularly of Inca culture. The knights mane is braided, just like the Incas do with their hair, and the rooks turrets remind you of those ornaments the Incas wear. Every piece looks fantastic, and while the overall design is grand and consistent, the set is not too ornamental and is very functional. Bud rosewood glowing red as it does, and the heft and the weight of the pieces, give the set a truly luxurious look and feel. If you want a set that combines elegance, luxury, and functionality, this is the set to get


I was overall extremely pleased with my purchase. The pieces are high quality, beautiful, and otherwise as advertised. The knights in particular have a presence to them. The service was prompt, courteous, and highly professional. I look forward to making further purchases from this company.

Dan More

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